Lumbini Reconstruction Plan

The master plan is to repair and rebuild the area known as the “garden of Lumbini” of ​​about 3 Square Miles (about 770 hectare) and the Lumbini Japan Temple Construction Committee is the largest area with 160 Square Metre (7800 Tsubo) in this monastery district. It is in charge of reconstruction and development of the whole area.

Lumbini Center

“Lumbini Center” is installed as the gate of “Garden of Lumbini” as a whole, and it is located on both sides of Central Link. In this district, administrative and official centers, tourist offices, pilgrims, accommodation facilities for tourists, and public facilities such as post offices are set up.

construction of the Japanese temple

The construction of the Japanese temple takes place in the largest area of ​​160 m × 160 m in the Western monastery district. Buddha’s teachings are the light of Asia “The Greatest leader of the government of Nepal Ganeshman Singh” Chancellor of World Peace Buddha in Asia, Europe and all over the world.


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